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admin April 16, 2018

Investors have plenty to worry about, but their growing gloominess actually could be bullish for the stock market. That’s the suggestion from David Templeton, portfolio manager and principal at Horan Capital Advisors. “With much of the sentiment now decidedly bearish, just possibly the market is nearing a bottom,” Templeton wrote in a blog post dated […]

admin January 6, 2018

At a recent conference, retirement experts concluded that the lack of an easy drawdown mechanism in 401(k) plans was the major challenge facing the 401(k) system. In 2014, the Treasury Department and the IRS issued guidance that made longevity annuities accessible to 401(k) plans and that enabled target date funds to include annuity contracts either […]

admin January 6, 2018

You’ve spent your whole life saving for retirement . Now you’re finished working, and it’s time to start spending what you’ve saved. For many investors, the transition can be confusing or even traumatic. How will you tap your portfolio? As investors approach this transition from saving to spending they should take three steps: start with […]

admin January 6, 2018

Finally—after years of horror stories about the economic impact of the growing number of retirees in the U.S.—some good news. After at least two decades in which more people were entering retirement than into the workforce, the tide is turning. For the next two decades, it will be just the reverse. In other words, demographics […]

admin December 31, 2017

“Enough” is perhaps the centrally important concept to early retirement. Calculating it with some degree of accuracy is critical for everyone, especially when we’re talking about much longer retirements than most traditional retirement advice is based on. If you already have your “enough” number in mind, then consider this a method of pressure testing your […]