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admin April 24, 2018

Athens, Ga. Boone, N.C. Iowa City, Iowa. These are just three of the top 25 cities to retire affordably, according to a new Forbes list. Retirement is highly personal — some people prefer warm weather and a beach view, others want to jump on the mountain with a pair of skis — but for everyone, […]

admin April 23, 2018

The recent outperformance of smaller digital currencies, or altcoins, is setting the tone for what could be a sustained rally in the overall cryptocurrency market, industry experts believe. Much like traditional assets, the smaller, “riskier” coins move at the whim of general market sentiment and generally exhibit more significant price swings, similar to small-cap stocks. […]

admin April 23, 2018

Tempted to become a short-term stock-market timer? Stop! First, read this column about hard it’s been so far this year for professional market timers to anticipate changes in the market’s shorter-term direction. That’s because the U.S. stock markets since January have provided the ideal setting for short-term timers to beat the market by a large […]

admin April 22, 2018

Bloomberg Wells Fargo’s risk management practices were “reckless, unsafe or unsound.” Unlike many of the scandals that have triggered billion-dollar penalties for banks, the problems that led to a 10-figure federal government settlement for Wells Fargo & Co. don’t appear to have colorful emails or trader messages describing bad behavior. The dry language employed […]