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admin April 19, 2018

Exchange-traded funds are among the most popular ways for investors to get exposure to nearly any asset class, region, or strategy in global financial markets. However, rather than providing safety in numbers, this could become a risk factor for some assets. The question of whether the massive growth in ETFs is something to be feared […]

admin April 19, 2018

Getty Images Hiring in the U.S. has been so strong over the past few years that unemployment has fallen to a 17-year bottom and it’s likely to go even lower. The numbers: The rate of layoffs in the U.S. fell slightly in April and clung near a 45-year low, reflecting a booming jobs market […]

admin April 19, 2018

Joe Raedle/Getty Images) Tax Day is here (again), extended by 24 hours due to computer glitches at the Internal Revenue Service. But nearly half of Americans won’t owe a dime of federal income tax. Approximately 80.6 million or 46% of Americans won’t pay any federal income tax, up from 76.4 million people before […]

admin April 18, 2018

Reuters China’s banking system is tightly linked to the shadow banking sector through its exposure to off-balance-sheet investment vehicles, the IMF said. The International Monetary Fund on Wednesday urged China to do more to reduce the danger of potential financial crisis. “The rise in debt levels has slowed down in China. However the overall […]

admin April 17, 2018

Bloomberg Fed Vice Chairman for Supervision Randal Quarles There is no question the Volcker rule, the controversial measure to prohibit banks from trading for their own accounts, has been harmful to capital markets, said Randal Quarles, the Fed’s vice chairman for financial supervision, on Tuesday. Asked by Rep. Bill Huizenga, Republican of Michigan, whether […]