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admin August 6, 2018

Gold’s sharp decline over the past month serves as little surprise to the investors who want the asset to perform in just this fashion—that is, as an alternative to assets perceived as risky, like stocks. They’re betting that the opposite will be true as well, that gold will resume its role as protector and diversifier, […]

admin August 4, 2018

The retirement you saw your grandparents — or even your parents — live through will likely not be the retirement you choose for yourself. Consider the following: •In 1900, the average life expectancy was 47 years. Only 100,000 Americans lived to age 85. •By 2010, the number of people over 85 years old had grown […]

admin August 3, 2018

Benjamin Franklin was purported to have said: “That which hurts, also instructs.” Yet, society as a whole has a very short memory. Lessons learned through the pain of past generations often are quickly forgotten. There are few people left in the world who lived through the Great Depression. While I have been told many stories […]

admin August 3, 2018

The CBOE Volatility Index is not necessarily the most accurate measure of volatility, but it is the most popular. Since volatility usually translates into pullbacks, corrections or meltdowns, the VIX is often considered the “fear index.” VIX spike There is reason to believe that the VIX will spike in August; in fact, there […]