Global Economy

admin August 14, 2018

The worst may be yet to come for Turkey. The Turkish lira has dropped more than 40% against the dollar since January, thrashed by a potent mix of confrontational politics, economic policy confusion and US interest rate hikes. The escalation of a political spat with the United States has fueled volatility and further devalued the […]

admin August 13, 2018

Corporate America is growing practically nonstop thanks to massive tax cuts and a booming economy. Already fat profits at S&P 500 companies are on track to spike by nearly 25% during the second quarter. That would tie the first quarter for the fastest growth since 2010, according to FactSet. The across-the-board success includes everyone from […]

admin August 10, 2018

BY HIS own account Christopher Hitchens, an author who died in 2011, was a poor student. He left Oxford with a third-class degree. This was not for want of ability. Hitchens would become a prolific essayist and fearsome debater. Rather, it was a choice. His tutors warned him about neglecting his studies. But he preferred […]

admin August 10, 2018

WHEN Donald Trump tweeted on August 5th that tariffs were working “big time”, American media sprang into action to test the claim (see article). In China, editors were more circumspect. No major Chinese-language newspaper reported his tweets. One of his claims—that China’s stockmarket has fallen 27% in the past four months—was an exaggeration. But why […]

admin August 9, 2018

DONALD TRUMP credits the tariffs he has imposed on steel and aluminium imports, and on a range of Chinese products, with almost magical potency. Either they will force other countries to drop trade barriers and crown him as dealmaker-in-chief, or they will pay down government debt while saving favoured industries. “Plants are opening all over […]

admin August 9, 2018

FROM Auckland to Amsterdam, Sydney to San Francisco, house prices in the best locations have gone through the roof. The Economist’s new house-price index covers 22 of the world’s most vibrant cities (see table). They are home to 163m people, with an economic output equal to Germany and Japan combined. The average price of a […]

admin August 8, 2018

China has announced plans to put tariffs of 25% on US products worth $16 billion, the latest move in an escalating trade war. The Chinese government said in a statement Wednesday that the taxes would be imposed on August 23. The US products in line for tariffs include chemical items and diesel fuel. The world’s […]

admin August 8, 2018

India is holding off on its plan to impose new tariffs on the United States. The tariffs on US exports worth more than $200 million were due to take effect on August 4 but will be delayed by six weeks, India’s Ministry of Finance said in a notification dated Friday. The tariffs are now set […]

admin August 7, 2018

Employers are getting more involved in their workers’ health care in order to keep costs under control. A growing number of companies are contracting directly with hospitals and providers to take care of their employees, according to an annual survey released Tuesday by the National Business Group on Health, an industry organization focused on large […]

admin August 3, 2018

China has announced plans to put tariffs of up to 25% on US products worth $60 billion, the latest salvo in an escalating trade war. The Chinese government said Friday that it would impose duties of 25%, 20%, 10% and 5% on the products if the Trump administration follows through on threats to tax $200 […]