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admin September 21, 2018

Though retirement can be a fulfilling time in people’s lives, it can also be a stressful one. This especially holds true if you fall victim to the following mistakes, so be sure to avoid them at all costs. 1. Relying too heavily on Social Security Millions of seniors collect Social Security in retirement, and those […]

admin September 20, 2018

How can I get down-side risk protection with robo-advisors? Robo-advisors have remade the investing landscape: they’re simple, low cost and passive investments almost always outperform active investments over the long term. For most people, the set-and-forget mode of passive investing will produce better results than trying to manage your own portfolio — or not investing […]

admin September 19, 2018

Recent graduates still covet jobs on Wall Street or at prestigious consulting firms. But high-profile tech companies are also on their short lists of potential employers. Amazon, for example, shot up in popularity among business and engineering students, according to a new survey from Universum, a research and consulting firm. The online retail giant ranked […]

admin September 17, 2018

How can I get the benefit of real estate investments without becoming a landlord? Real estate remains a strong investment, even with prices slowing. But owning property can be a hassle. A huge amount of capital gets tied up in a handful of properties. And you have to deal with the logistics of holding and […]

admin September 17, 2018

If you’re looking forward to retirement, you’re not alone. Countless workers dream of leaving their jobs behind and enjoying the freedom of unstructured days. But before you pull the trigger on retirement, be sure to tackle the following moves so you don’t come to regret your decision later on. 1. Assess your personal savings Hopefully, […]

admin September 10, 2018

Months have passed since celebrities first wore Time’s Up pins on the red carpet, but the advocacy organization hasn’t stopped fighting for women facing harassment. On Sunday, Ronan Farrow published another bombshell investigation in The New Yorker. In his latest story, six new women accused CBS chief executive Leslie Moonves of sexual misconduct. Moonves, one […]

admin September 8, 2018

Sometimes a new job turns out not to be the dream job you thought it was. But you can’t always afford to walk away from a paycheck. Unless the company pays you to leave. Some companies are making it easier to part ways, paying unhappy workers to bow out gracefully. At online retailer Zappos, new […]

admin September 7, 2018

In Europe, gender quotas are old news. In 2003, Norway became the first country in the world to institute a gender quota for boards of directors, requiring listed companies to add female members to make up at least 40% of overall board representation. Other countries followed suit, including Belgium, France and Italy. But in the […]

admin August 24, 2018

Ryanair has introduced restrictive new baggage rules that risk upsetting passengers. The budget airline said that customers will be allowed to bring only one small piece of luggage into the cabin starting in November. The bag must be small enough to fit under a seat. Passengers will be required to pay to bring additional luggage […]

admin August 23, 2018

Earlier this year, Uber hired its first ever chief diversity officer, following a string of sexual harassment claims and other PR crises for the brand. Last month, after a year plagued by controversy, the NFL posted a job opening for a head of diversity and inclusion. Diversity officers are popping up at many other high-profile […]