admin January 10, 2019

New York freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s mention of a 70% tax on the wealthy provoked heated reaction from both supporters and detractors, with House Republican whip Steve Scalise deriding the idea as a “leftist fantasy program.” But the debate sparked by the Democrat from New York also revealed some misunderstandings about how America’s tax system […]

admin January 9, 2019

Some federal employees started out the year with no paycheck in sight. Approximately 800,000 federal employees are not being paid during the partial government shutdown: 380,000 workers who are on furlough, meaning they must abide by a temporary unpaid leave of absence, and another 420,000 who are expected to work without pay, according to estimates […]

admin January 8, 2019

Before the painful fourth-quarter stock market decline, steady dividend payers probably weren’t foremost in many investors’ minds. After all, the Federal Reserve was raising interest rates and the massive cut in federal corporate income taxes was setting up even better earnings and sales comparisons than usual. But the current lower valuations (and higher yields) for […]

admin January 8, 2019

Bankruptcy courts are quiet places these days, at least compared to previous years. Corporate and consumer bankruptcy filing rates are at their lowest point in about a decade, according to a new report from Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. September 2010 court statistics show that during the depths of the Great Recession, almost 1.6 […]