admin May 13, 2019

If you haven’t heard, bitcoin is back. The digital currency stormed higher on Sunday, trading to a 9-month high above $7,500, capping of a weekly gain of more than 20%. Bitcoin’s resurgence has it on track to log four successive winning months — this after recording six losing months in a row, an unflattering record […]

admin May 12, 2019

Edit Reuters President Donald Trump warns China of ‘BIG TARIFFS!’ in 2020 President Donald Trump implied that he has the upper hand in China trade talks, laying out a fresh threat to the world’s second-largest economy in the White House’s protracted tariff dispute that sent global markets last week on a vicious roller-coaster ride. […]

admin May 11, 2019

With the U.S. stock market hitting new highs lately, the question on everyone’s mind is, “What’s next?” Based on a highly reliable predictor that the Federal Reserve periodically releases, the answer is: “Not much.” I’ve previously published the projections of such luminaries as famed investor Warren Buffett and Nobel laureate Robert Shiller. Their formulas — […]

admin May 11, 2019

CHINA’S PROPAGANDA machine grinds slowly. But its output is nothing if not consistent. It took more than 24 hours for state media to report President Donald Trump’s threats, tweeted on May 5th, to ratchet up tariffs on China. By that time Chinese stocks had already plunged, a foretaste of global market ructions. When the response finally […]